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Biography / Info

“Pardon the dude-speak, but Akron/Family's got a wicked riff going on this guy. Since 2007, the avant-folk/rockers have lost a member (original member Ryan Vanderhoof left), changed labels (from Michael Gira's Young God to the Secretly Canadian imprint Dead Oceans), and continued to expand their sound. In May comes Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, their first album as a trio. A dram of cowbell kicks things off on the six-minute album opener "Everyone Is Guilty"-- is this what Animal Collective would sound like if Avey and Panda turned down the synth faders and slapped on a fresh coat of Americana?-- and then when the guitars taper off, a bundle of strings zips the track closed. Akron/Family's got a near-anthem on their hands, and the track is a neat preview of the subdued hooks and hollers that come later; from the fleeting hinge on an "Iron Man" riff on down, most everything in this psychedelic track is Freaking/Awesome.” – Pitchfork

“It was Akron/Family that got the venue jumping, though, with cuts from their upcoming Set ’Em Wild Set ’Em Free record, which promises to be huge. Since the departure of guitarist Ryan Vanderhoof (to a Buddhist retreat, no less), the band has really settled into playing as a trio and last night’s set featured twinkly West African–sounding grooves, tribal chanting and stomping, and some serious white noise and shouting.” – Time Out NY

“Pennsylvanian avant-folk trio Akron/Family make the jump from Young God Records to Dead Oceans with their fifth LP, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, this spring. With a rubbery groove and motormouth chanting, opening track "Everyone Is Guilty" is the album's schizophrenic monster jam. Seth Olinsky, Miles Seaton, and Dana Janssen go on all sorts of funky tangents here, melding sludgy solos with a lumbering brass breakdown and, in the final minute, some really pretty orchestration. Best part: when the song abruptly stops and restarts four and a half minutes in.” – Stereogum



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Akron Family

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Creatures (04:13)
Everyone is Guilty (05:58)
Gravelly Mountains Of the Moon (07:41)
Last Year (01:39)
Many Ghosts (04:05)
MBF (03:14)
River (04:45)
Set 'Em Free (02:37)


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