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Biography / Info

BUZZ – it’s the elusive whir that makes the rock world run, and A BRAND have it in abundance. Distinct from its all-too-common cousin ‘hype’, it’s an exhilarating noise that can’t be manufactured, a sort of unspoken consensus that there is a band that matters.

It filled the room when A BRAND first took the stage at the end of 2002 at the Charlatan in Ghent, Flanders, a place where buzz is often amplified or officially drowned out.

Impossibly cool and unrealistically handsome, in their black suits, 70’s shag hair cuts, and dark, outsider complexions, these five Antwerp-based twentysomethings tear through their set with sweaty exuberance as the capacity of crowd is swept up by the energy of the snarling melodies and the breakneck rhythms. It’s not enough that some people ‘nod’ their heads to the music, they want to convince every fucking one in the room... and they do!

The guys of A BRAND met and became friends during their rock-‘n-roll years at the end of the ‘90s, bonding over a mutual passion for music. They listened to the then-current alternative bands, as well as to the sound passed down by their parents and older siblings, including everything from ‘70s punk to Bob Marley. Coupled with a natural obsession to entertain, this set them apart from the crowd and drew them closer together.

Critics have long scoffed at the notion of ‘authenticity’ in rock. This is music born from blatant thievery - everybody steals from everybody else - and if you’re going to rip somebody off, you might as well turn to the best. ‘It wasn’t like we sat down and said: let’s shoot for this’, explains Dag (Dag Taeldeman, one of the two composers) ‘it was rather the opposite-like. Gimmicks don’t last. They’re great to boost you up fast, but then they go away. Pretty much it was me and Fred (Frederik Heuvinck, the other composer) trying to write good melodies, but with a song underneath the actual song’.



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A Brand

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A Perfect Habitat For Foxes (02:44)
Beauty Booty Killer Queen (03:00)
Can't Help It (03:34)
Drop the Messiah (03:27)
Electric Electric (02:15)
Gender Bender (03:00)
Hammerhead (03:55)
I Do As I Please (03:20)


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